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Author Topic: pins 4 and 8 on ncPod to drive spindle step/dir?  (Read 1839 times)

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pins 4 and 8 on ncPod to drive spindle step/dir?
« on: April 15, 2010, 06:53:21 PM »

I have a 2d plotter running mach 3 with an ncPod. X and Y axes are pins 2,6 and 3,7 respectively in 'Ports and Pins', and 'pen up/pen down' is provided by the A axis. Originally I was using the Z axis (pins 4,8) to test drive the material deposition pump/pen thing (linear stepper), but decided to control this using the Spindle Speed Step/Dir option instead. So I disabled the Z axis, enabled 'Spindle', and gave it ports 4 and 8 (from the Z axis) so I wouldn't have to change any wiring.

Under the 'Spindle Speed' tab, all is default, except that 'Use Spindle Motor Control" and 'Step/Dir Motor' are checked, 'PWM Control' unchecked. Also. as I don't need delay for a pump, the 'Delay Spin' times are all set to zero; not that I'm sure I understand that this is what it's about anyway.

On entering 'G01 F10 X-5 Y-2 M03' in the midi screen, the X command executes, the Y doesn't (which is very odd), and the light above 'Spindle CW F5' lights yellow, but the pump doesn't respond. Following this with a reset, then 'G01 F10 Y-2 M03' gets the response 'Unknown word where unary operation could be'.

I'm guessing this is a pin number issue, but I don't know if I should be using the 'Output Signals' ports and pin dialogue boxes somehow. Confused, been a long day... This is the information from the ncPod manual:-

Output            Mach Pin #

PWM Gnd        NA      Just enable in Mach
C      Gnd        ***
E      Gnd        1
B      Gnd        3
D      Gnd        2
F      Gnd        4

It says under that:

-'You can select any output/enable you like in the “Ports and Pins”, “Output Signals” menu and set the “Port#” to 1
with the “Pin Number” matching the output you wish to use. For example; if I want to use “F” as output # 3, from the
main menu in Mach I would select “Config”, “Ports and Pins”, “Outputs” tab and check “Output #3. For the “Port#”
setting I would enter “1” and for the “Pin Number” enter “4”.'

I probably have all the information here to sort this out, but can't make head or tail of it at the moment.

Anyone willing to point this out to me?


Richard B