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Author Topic: max torque or continuous torque for design  (Read 2392 times)

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max torque or continuous torque for design
« on: September 26, 2006, 09:49:42 PM »
When designing for servos, do you take in consideration the max torque
or the continuous torque available from the servo.
For example if you have a setup that would give you 100lbs continuous
force, and say 200lbs peak or max torque, what would you use for
calculations? If the gantry you are moving weighs 100lbs, then the
acceleration you could get using the continuous torque is 1G, if you
use the max or peak torque you would get 2G's.
Any insight?
Thanks in advance

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Re: max torque or continuous torque for design
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2006, 03:16:36 AM »
It takes far more torque to start the gantry moving than it dose to keep it moving,  then you have to think about the ratio of the motor to the shaft a 2:1 ratio in effect halves the starting torque required.

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