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Help Wanted!
« on: January 22, 2010, 04:20:01 AM »
I need some help! I used WinCam to for Gcode on Mach3 ( i copied in mach3).. And its take my R:s going hole circle.. :( And  that circle code is jammed in software. Even deleting the code didnt fixed.. I use CNC-machine what have only one axe.
Here's the gcode what i but in:

N10 G28 U0
N20 G28 W0
N30 G50 S3000
N40 00 T505
N60 G99 G96 F0.2 S220 M03
N70 G00 M08
N80 G71 U2 R1
N90 G71 P100 Q490
N100 G00 G42 x-1.6
N110 G01 z0
N120 G01 x0
N130 G03 x40 z-20 R20
N140 G01 z-21
N150 G01 x30 z-85
N160 G03 x36 z-110 R86.313
N170 G01 z112
N180 G03 x33.846 z-113.774 R2
N190 G01 x30.058 z-113.76
N200 G02 x30.006 z-114.919 R1
N210 G01 x39 z-117
N220 G01 x33 z-118.301
N230 G01 x36.77 z-119.339
N240 G03 x40 z-122 R3
N250 G01 z-123
N260 G01 z-235
N270 G03 x34.618 z-239.435 R5
N280 G01 x30.094 z-240.612
N290 G02 x30 z-240.916 R1
N300 G01 z-241.35
N310 G02 x39,118 z-241.688 R1
N320 G01 x39 z-244
N330 G01 x30.118 z-246.312
N340 G02 x30 z-246.65 R1
N350 G01 z-247.101
N360 G02 x30.208 z-247.544 R1
N370 G01 x33.694 z-248.452
N380 G03 x38 z-252 R4
N390 G01 z-264
N400 G03 x33.694 z-267.548 R4
N410 G01 x30.208 z-268.456
N420 G02 x30 z-268.899 R1
N430 G01 z-269.127
N440 G02 x30.388 z-269.719 R1
N450 G01 x32.77 z-270.339
N460 G03 x36 z-273 R3
N470 G03 x32.77 z-265.661 R3
N480 G01 x29.162 z-276.6
N490 G40 x31.762
N500 G00 x44 z3 M09
N510 M30

I quest that problems is in N10-N90.. So please help me..

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Re: Help Wanted!
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2010, 01:38:27 PM »
I think it will be your U and W in the code that is causing the problems, what are they meant to be? If they are other axis then you will probably  need to rename them A, B or C