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Author Topic: MPG Jogging Error - "Galil Error 46: Gear axis both master and follower"  (Read 3223 times)

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I'm working on a 4 axis mill w/ a handwheel used as an MPG input.  The Mach XYZ axes are mapped to Galil XYZ, the Mach A is mapped to Galil E, the MPG is using the main encoder on Galil D.  Jogging X, Y, and Z via the handwheel works fine, selecting Mach axis "A" causes a Galil error to appear on the status line, says "Galil Error 46: Gear axis both master and follower" ...

So did I set up something wrong?  Or is there something wrong with the axis mapping in the MPG code?  Or....?


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The MPG code isn't set up for axis re-mapping in the current release. It will happen on the next release or two though.
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