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Need help
« on: December 29, 2009, 02:02:59 PM »
My router has been working great, I have made several PCBs using Eagle and pcb-gcode. I have done some simple engraving in wood nothing fancy just some letters at a constant depth.
What I need help with is making something a little more complicated.
I can get all the DXF files for a simple touch probe here http://www.cognitiveinnovations.com/download.php?view.1
But I have never done anything like this, I know I have to use LazyCAM to get the dxf files into Mach3 but what settings do I use in LazyCAM to produce the item. I have purchased Mach3 but not LazyCAM, will the demo version of LazyCAM do what I need?
I started with the bottom.dxf, I notice the dxf does not have any layers so I'm thinking I will have to create some and move objects into the new layers. Using the bottom.dxf I have made 4 layers, BB, HOLE, PLUG and OUTLINE. I think I'm doing this correctly but I'm not sure. Once I import the new file into LC I can set the layer depth and assign a tool. This is where I'm a little fuzzy, I think I should use my 1/8 end mills, I do have some PCB engraving bits but I do not think they will be effective here. I have some bits I got from Princess Auto that range from 1mm to 3mm that might work.
I would be grateful for any help.
Re: Need help
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I have been playing with LC and I have a question. Do I need the full version to do offsets?
Re: Need help
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Re: Need help
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Re: Need help
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I believe you need a  a Pro license to get offsets, pockets and turn.There is manual for LazyCam in Members Doc's and suggest you take a look. Don't hack your way thru the program.
Your  on the right track in assigning different machine operations to layers as you can more easily relate to what was imported ( thats what i recomended to dobut you don't need to). If you look at the tutorials offsets are cover a number of timesas are tool slection etc.
Repost if you get stuck, there are a number of knowlegable folks that use it in here.