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Author Topic: This might be useful to anyone chasing an intermitent fault and stop grey hair!  (Read 6894 times)

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I was only trying to help!
sure if you know that ur problem is debounce u can find it, but if you dont you may spend a week reading thru all the posts to find a solution, some treads have pages and pages of woffle and one tends to get lost and not come up with anything.
what i am saying it would be nice to have one tread with all solutions to known issues.

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Problem with having a thread with solutions to known problems is it would soon run into many pages and it would be  just as much of a problem as searching the forum if a specific phrase or word was not known..
Normally the best way is to start a thread and describe your problem, it will usually get a quick response and with something like noise issues it will be diagnosed quickly if the symptoms are relayed accurately.

This is just my thinking however so take it as you wish.


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I was only trying to help!

You helped me Bruce - thank you.