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LCam with Inkscape
« on: November 29, 2009, 06:39:35 PM »
Hi Earl here
Have posted a few times now and
You helped me out getting into Inkscape.

Now problem...............
I take an image and place into my work area on Inkscape, then I also add an area of text.
e.g. Emma's Room
Now I want to turn it all into a workable DXF file.
I seem to be hit and miss on being able to do this.
I try to select all then  path/trace and not seem to be picking up
Other steps involved?? find edges before tracing.?
Could you explain one more time.
I have also been playing with CamBam but thinking that get used to
 Inkscape, then Lcam then Mach should be lots to deal with
Thanks for help
ps Been doing some awsome image only engraving of Wile Coyote and the Lightning Mcqueen car and Ariel