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Change of Tolorance
« on: November 03, 2009, 10:05:28 AM »
I'm using Bobcadcam to generate G code for Mach3, and I keep getting a error message,Radius to end of arc differs from radius to startline. How do I make the changes, to make things work?


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Re: Change of Tolorance
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2009, 10:49:27 AM »
Can you attach the code please.
Re: Change of Tolorance
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2009, 11:19:47 AM »
N1 G00 X0. Y0. Z0.25
N2 X0.9037 Y1.4557
N3 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N4 G42 G02 X1.6203 Y1.7149 I0.9043 J-1.3804 F6
N5 G01 X5.4177 Y1.9468
N6 G02 X5.5693 Y1.9745 I0.0813 J-0.0162
N7 G03 X5.6848 Y1.6719 I1.2235 J0.2935
N8 X5.7964 Y1.652 I0.0678 J0.0572
N9 G02 X5.8911 Y1.7772 I0.1778 J-0.0361
N10 X5.9891 Y1.6147 I-0.0628 J-0.1487
N11 G03 X6.1125 Y1.785 I-0.0559 J0.1703
N12 X8.5314 Y2.3638 I0.2637 J4.2426
N13 G02 Y0.5477 I-0.2303 J-0.9081
N14 G03 X6.1125 Y1.1264 I-2.1552 J-3.6638
N15 X5.9891 Y1.2967 I-0.1793 J0.
N16 G02 X5.8911 Y1.1343 I-0.1608 J-0.0137
N17 X5.7964 Y1.2595 I0.0831 J0.1613
N18 G03 X5.6848 Y1.2396 I-0.0438 J-0.0771
N19 X5.5693 Y0.937 I1.108 J-0.5961
N20 G02 X5.4177 Y0.9647 I-0.0703 J0.0439
N21 G01 X1.6203 Y1.1966
N22 G02 X0.9037 Y1.4557 I0.1878 J1.6396 G40
N23 G00 Z0.25
N24 X6.4397 Y1.6741
N25 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N26 G42 G03 X6.7825 Y1.6964 I-0.2044 J5.7854 F6
N27 G01 X6.7931 Y1.6689
N28 X6.6995 Y1.6329
N29 X6.9386 Y1.5221
N30 X6.5535 Y1.6075
N31 Y1.544
N32 X6.4419 Y1.5177
N33 Y1.6741 G40
N34 G00 Z0.25
N35 X6.9202 Y1.7112
N36 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N37 G42 X7.1084 Y1.5458 F6
N38 X7.0442 Y1.6776
N39 X7.1073
N40 X7.1328 Y1.7405
N41 G02 X6.9202 Y1.7112 I-0.3516 J1.7628 G40
N42 G00 Z0.25
N43 X7.2695 Y1.5396
N44 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N45 G42 X7.1726 Y1.7469 F6
N46 G03 X7.2685 Y1.7634 I-0.1537 J1.1759
N47 G01 X7.2695 Y1.5396 G40
N48 G00 Z0.25
N49 X7.3965 Y1.7882
N50 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N51 G42 Y1.5068 F6
N52 X7.454
N53 Y1.5925
N54 X7.6846 Y1.5257
N55 X7.5107 Y1.6909
N56 X7.585
N57 X7.5478 Y1.8212
N58 G02 X7.3965 Y1.7882 I-0.3846 J1.396 G40
N59 G00 Z0.25
N60 Y1.4047
N61 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N62 G42 X7.454 F6
N63 Y1.3189
N64 X7.6846 Y1.3858
N65 X7.5107 Y1.2206
N66 X7.585
N67 X7.5478 Y1.0903
N68 G03 X7.3965 Y1.1233 I-0.3846 J-1.396
N69 G01 Y1.4047 G40
N70 G00 Z0.25
N71 X7.2695 Y1.3719
N72 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N73 G42 X7.2685 Y1.1481 F6
N74 G03 X7.1726 Y1.1646 I-0.2496 J-1.1594
N75 G01 X7.2695 Y1.3719 G40
N76 G00 Z0.25
N77 X7.1328 Y1.171
N78 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N79 G42 X7.1073 Y1.2339 F6
N80 X7.0442
N81 X7.1084 Y1.3657
N82 X6.9202 Y1.2003
N83 G02 X7.1328 Y1.171 I-0.139 J-1.7921 G40
N84 G00 Z0.25
N85 X6.9386 Y1.3894
N86 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N87 G42 X6.6995 Y1.2786 F6
N88 X6.7931 Y1.2426
N89 X6.7825 Y1.2151
N90 G03 X6.4397 Y1.2374 I-0.5472 J-5.7631 G40
N91 G00 Z0.25
N92 X6.5535 Y1.304
N93 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N94 X6.9386 Y1.3894 F6
N95 G00 Z0.25
N96 X6.5535 Y1.3675
N97 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N98 Y1.304 F6
N99 G00 Z0.25
N100 Y1.3675
N101 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N102 G42 X6.4419 Y1.3938 F6
N103 Y1.2374 G40
N104 G00 Z0.25
N105 X7.7375 Y1.073
N106 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N107 G42 X7.7904 Y1.3202 F6
N108 X7.8156 Y1.0592
N109 X7.7375 Y1.073 G40
N110 G00 Z0.25
N111 X7.8648 Y1.3806
N112 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N113 G42 X8.1075 Y1.3126 F6
N114 X8.0887 Y1.3936 G40
N115 G00 Z0.25
N116 X8.169 Y1.4153
N117 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N118 G42 Y0.9095 F6
N119 G03 X7.8697 Y1.0063 I-1.4051 J-3.8323
N120 G01 X7.8995 Y1.077
N121 G02 X7.9847 I0.0426 J-0.0273
N122 G01 X8.0295
N123 X7.9977 Y1.1623
N124 X8.0728 Y1.2114
N125 X7.8648 Y1.3806 G40
N126 G00 Z0.25
N127 X8.2928 Y0.8639
N128 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N129 G42 X8.3704 Y0.9555 F6
N130 X8.3993 Y0.8731
N131 X8.4571 Y0.9107
N132 X8.5218 Y0.7707
N133 G03 X8.2928 Y0.8639 I-0.5652 J-1.0599 G40
N134 G00 Z0.25
N135 X8.3507 Y1.019
N136 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N137 G42 X8.2661 Y1.0587 F6
N138 Y1.3574
N139 X8.3507 Y1.019 G40
N140 G00 Z0.25
N141 X8.4428 Y1.2884
N142 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N143 G42 X8.7009 Y0.9044 F6
N144 X8.6072 Y0.8826
N145 X8.6066 Y0.733
N146 G03 X8.9304 Y0.987 I-0.3055 J0.7227
N147 G01 X8.7662 Y1.0587
N148 Y0.9698
N149 X8.4428 Y1.2884 G40
N150 G00 Z0.25
N151 X8.8547 Y1.1525
N152 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N153 G42 X8.962 Y1.0358 F6
N154 G03 X9.0824 Y1.4044 I-0.6609 J0.4199
N155 G01 X8.9197 Y1.3576
N156 X8.9584 Y1.2912
N157 X8.6898 Y1.3085
N158 X8.9462 Y1.1834
N159 X8.8547 Y1.1525 G40
N160 G00 Z0.25
N161 X9.0824 Y1.5071
N162 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N163 G42 X8.9197 Y1.5539 F6
N164 X8.9584 Y1.6203
N165 X8.6898 Y1.603
N166 X8.9462 Y1.7281
N167 X8.8547 Y1.759
N168 X8.962 Y1.8757
N169 G02 X9.0824 Y1.5071 I-0.6609 J-0.42 G40
N170 G00 Z0.25
N171 X8.7662 Y1.8528
N172 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N173 G42 X8.9304 Y1.9245 F6
N174 G03 X8.6066 Y2.1785 I-0.6293 J-0.4688
N175 G01 X8.6072 Y2.0289
N176 X8.7009 Y2.0071
N177 X8.4428 Y1.6231
N178 X8.7662 Y1.9417
N179 Y1.8528 G40
N180 G00 Z0.25
N181 X8.5218 Y2.1408
N182 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N183 G42 X8.4571 Y2.0008 F6
N184 X8.3993 Y2.0384
N185 X8.3704 Y1.956
N186 X8.2928 Y2.0476
N187 G03 X8.5218 Y2.1408 I-0.3362 J1.1531 G40
N188 G00 Z0.25
N189 X8.3507 Y1.8925
N190 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N191 G42 X8.2661 Y1.8528 F6
N192 Y1.5541
N193 X8.3507 Y1.8925 G40
N194 G00 Z0.25
N195 X8.169 Y2.002
N196 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N197 G42 Y1.4962 F6
N198 X8.0887 Y1.5179
N199 X8.1075 Y1.5989
N200 X7.8648 Y1.5309
N201 X8.0728 Y1.7001
N202 X7.9977 Y1.7492
N203 X8.0295 Y1.8345
N204 X7.9847
N205 G02 X7.8995 I-0.0426 J0.0273
N206 G01 X7.8697 Y1.9052
N207 G03 X8.169 Y2.002 I-1.1059 J3.9291 G40
N208 G00 Z0.25
N209 X7.7904 Y1.5913
N210 G01 Z-0.188 F10.
N211 G42 X7.7375 Y1.8384 F6
N212 X7.8156 Y1.8523
N213 X7.7904 Y1.5913 G40
N214 G00 Z0.25
N215G00 X0 Y0

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Re: Change of Tolorance
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2009, 11:39:42 AM »
Change the IJ mode to Inc, its on general config page, either that or put a G91.1 at the start of the G Code

Re: Change of Tolorance
« Reply #4 on: November 03, 2009, 11:45:07 AM »
Thanks Hood, will try that...................
Re: Change of Tolorance
« Reply #5 on: November 03, 2009, 11:47:26 AM »
That worked, thanks for the help..

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Re: Change of Tolorance
« Reply #6 on: November 03, 2009, 11:50:44 AM »
np :)