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Laser Modulation Output
« on: August 03, 2010, 03:49:11 AM »

We're Converting an old Bystronic Lasermachine ( Co2 laser 1500 W ) To Mach 3,
Using the DSPMC To run the Old analog servodrives.

I've programmed a script in Bains that will modulate the laserbeam when the machine stops working.
When the actual speed < the requested speed.
I need id otherwise the machine cannot cut fine RVS or steel.

Is it possible to make some G or M codes to modulate an output ?
I've Also cutting gas control via an proportional valve.

The dspmc have 8 analog outputs,  Just 2 using for the axes.

Can i make an M code  and write a variable to an analog port ?

Thanks  Ronald.

I'll make some movies when everything starts to work.