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Author Topic: testing mach3 on windows seven  (Read 1856 times)

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testing mach3 on windows seven
« on: October 26, 2009, 05:13:42 AM »
I 'am testing mach3 on my windows seven OS.

it's seems to work perfectly ...

but I got a problem with keygrabber and my joystick configuration.
when i run keygrabber it seems ok.
but the problems appears when I add yes on use device. (an hama black force Pad (classic gamepad))
sometimes it give me an access error Thread Error : Accès refusé (5)
if th is error appear impossible to close keygrabber .. it end with a coredump
and when the error dont appear I got on HID keys a continuous movment on the scroll (really strange ..) and impossible to change  the config on joystick tab.

do you have an idea ?