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A few questions about running
« on: October 18, 2009, 09:42:46 PM »
Okie dokie. a few questions for the pros out there.
I have a harbor freight mill and lathe that I am converting to cnc.

1. I have a 4x4 cnc router right now that I use vcarve pro on, the question, will I be able to use vcarve with the mill just like the router? in my mind they are basically the same with the exception of accuracy,size and one the bed moved and the other one the head moves. so just change the profile to be for the mill and run it instead of the one for the router?

2. is there a program out there that connects with Mach3 like Vcarve does but for the lathe instead of the router? I have had a hard time switching between programs oer the years and tend to stick with what works best for me, so it would be really nice if there were a program out there easy to use like the vectric line does.

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Re: A few questions about running
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2009, 09:54:53 PM »
?1 - Yep, just create a seperate XMl / profile for the mill. I don't use Vcarve but there are folks in here that do.

?2 - For the lathe you can use LazyCam but will need the pro license to have the advanced features. Currently in development is LazyTurn which will be a nice program once the finishing pass is implemented. The LazyCam license will cover LazyTurn. There is a manaul in the Members Docs for both of them.

Now if you don't care for those, then save your dollars for high end programs for the lathe. There is not that much out there for the Lathe.