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« on: September 03, 2006, 02:51:41 AM »
Hi everybody,

I haven't been to the site in a few month's, real nice upgrade.

I'm curious if anyone has some feedback regarding STL CAM applications. I'm looking at MeshCAM and MadCAM.

Are both worthy contenders for my hard earned cash? Allbeit one's a fraction of the other, however both are within
a comfortable range for cost.

Specifically, are there completed posts? I'm not interested in developing one.

One thing going for MadCAM is the imbedding into RhinoCAD. I have it, but I'm not married to it for CAM.

Any feedback would be great.

Re: STL CAM???
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2006, 10:46:09 AM »
I've used Meshcam quite a bit, but never used Madcam.  Madcam appears to only work with Rhino, as it's a plug-in , so I'm not sure about STL files.

Meshcam was developed as an easy CAM system for 3D profiling.   It is probably one of the easiest CNC programs I've used and it is very affordable.  It produces very good toolpaths, but you are limited in choosing the areas to machine.  For the most part it is limited to machining the entire surface of a part without giving you the ability to select specific surfaces to cut.  It does that job very well and a great way to get started.  However, Madcam had more options and since you have Rhino, it's probably a better tool for you.

Re: STL CAM???
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2006, 12:43:02 AM »

Thanks for the comments, I agree that I'll probably go with MadCAM unless I discover I cannot run a path over an OBJ model. MadCAM pitches that they can run a path on ANY file brought into Rhino. If I have to convert an OBJ to either a surface model or STL, I'll save my $ and go with MeshCAM.

Thanks again,