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Author Topic: Radius error, interesting problem.......  (Read 2295 times)

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Radius error, interesting problem.......
« on: August 25, 2009, 02:32:24 AM »
Hey guys, been a while.
Can anyone offer some advice as to why I'm getting this problem with machining a radius?
I've attached a few pics to try and explain the issue.
The machine is basically the same as a lathe, left and right is Z axis and the diameter is X axis.
X Axis is set as diameter not as radius.
When I machine the profile as per the pic the largest radius only finishes at approximately half the depth.
All I can guess is that it has something to do with having X axis set to diameter mode. So if I increase the diameter by 10mm, X axis only actually move 5mm.
As you can see the radius should be R2.604, but on the radius drawing you can see a radius drawn by pen, that is the radius I'm achieving by entering all the sizes below.
It's got me baffled. BTW I was using 3.042.029 so I thought I'd upgrade to 3.043.00, but no difference.
The toolpath pic I've attached is what Mach shows is happening, you can see the strange profile it shows and also shows the actual path it is taking (the green one, but I'm sure you  already knew that.)
Here's the program to see if anyone can help work it out.

;Radius Profile
#1=100  ;Feedrate
#2=0.1 ;Cut Size
#3=10   ;No of Passes

G90 G56 G18
M98 P1 L#3

M98 P2 L1
G0 X2.0

G2 X-0.38 Z-0.19 R0.19 F[#1/2]
G1 Z-0.486 F#1
G3 Z-3.219 R2.604 F[#1/2]
G1 Z-0.486 F#1
G2 X0.38 Z-0.19 R0.19 F[#1/2]
G1 X2. F#1
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Re: Radius error, interesting problem.......
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2009, 06:34:58 AM »
Well I've managed to overcome the problem, it's not really a fix, it's just a workaround.
I changed the radius to be a series of tiny lines and it works like it should.
I'm hoping there is a fix, because the program is a lot smaller with a single radius, rather that hundreds of lines.