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Author Topic: Page control for Brians and/or Macropump.......  (Read 4260 times)

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Page control for Brians and/or Macropump.......
« on: August 03, 2009, 08:45:57 PM »
Here is a little plug-in that you pick a certain Mach Screen page number. When you are ON that page, the Plugin will set a "UserLED" of your choice, to "ON" when you land on that page, and "Off" on any other page. There is also a "Reverse LED Logic" check box that you can flip the state of the LED for that page, if you want it OFF on that page, and ON all the others.

What it is for, is, if you want to have some function or thing that is running (or NOT running), in Brians and/or Macropump, when you land on a certain page. You have a "Control LED" that is controlled by you landing on a certian page. It saves you ALOT of screen designer coding work so you dont have to edit all your paging buttons.

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