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Author Topic: Need help with Geckodrives  (Read 1986 times)

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Need help with Geckodrives
« on: July 19, 2009, 04:17:43 PM »
I have a retrofitted Bridgeport Boss 5.  I am using Bob Campells combo board with Gecko G202 Drives.  Here is a link to what I'm using.


Whenever I hit a limit switch or E-stop, the drives turn off.  In Mach 3 whenever I hit reset the combo board is getting signals and the DRO in Mach 3 continue to move but the Gecko drives remain without power.  The only way to get them to turn back on is to reboot both the computer and Bob enclosure.   The motors work fine unless limit switches or tripped or E-stop.
I've attached a copy of my mach xml

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Re: Need help with Geckodrives
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2009, 03:20:32 AM »
Hi, Tbeebe99

I understand what your saying, Need to give this one some time to build a consensus from others, To give you time to think about, What you really Want, People feel very strong on this, Hears one of my thought's. for now, Till I can get a chance to Look at your XML.

So hear goes,

E-stop/Re-Set ( Real Button, For real Disaster's ) That Cut's the A/C power to your Machine, ( Gecko doesn't want you to cut the DC Power to there drive's any other Way) Bigger machine may have several including one on the main control panel.

Mach has a Reset button ( Some consider it an E-Stop Button) and a Feed Hold button.
"Feed-Hold" button ( Feed Hold doesn't stop all motion Instantly Some Times ).

Reset button (Mach's) Will tiger, If a Limit SW is Hit, (It is turned Off while Homing is in progress) So you can use 1 SW per axis as "Home" and "Limit"  SW combined. With one "Input Pin and It can be used for All 3 axises, (If there wired in Series NC to each other). Nice feature. !!

When the Reset button (Mach's) is Flashing You can't reset it till you do a Secondary Action in the Setting's Page, In most cases, You need to go to Setting's page and Turn on the Auto Limit Over-Ride button, To Turn ON the  "LED Lite, Then Return to Program Run Screen and RESET Mach There and then Use the Arrow key's to Jog OFF the Axis that's Hitting the Axis that's on It's Limit Switch.

(Some time's I get a little confused with this, As this computer isn't hooked to a machine at the moment), " That's why you need to "Re-Start" Mach to reset your Gecko drive's, IT'S a viscous Circle. Your in, I'm thinking.

It's Getting Late Hear, Think about this and let US Know.

Just a Start, Chip