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Author Topic: Do NFS Wizards ignore Mach3 stepper acceleration and speed settings?  (Read 3177 times)

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I just became a new user.  Tried the rectangular wizard.  Anyway, ran the G-code file e-stopped it before any problems occurred the first time, changed the soft limits from the default to ones compatible with the X3 table size.

Regenned and ran the file....well the second time I didn't hit e-stop quick enough....the saddle flew past the hardware limit switch as if it wasn't there!

I found all the ball bearing from the y-axis and I'm trying to fix that.

I do have the auto-override set, and it works when I reference all.  I have noticed something pecuilar...after it references it goes into a e-stop.

Did my limit switch bounce and is that what caused the problem?

I would hate to fix the ballnut and have it happen again.


Re: Do NFS Wizards ignore Mach3 stepper acceleration and speed settings?
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2009, 07:47:39 PM »
The wizards simply generate G code, the code runs as a normal Mach run. There is no way for a wizard to change the acceleration.

The wizard does set a feed rate, so it is possible that if you didnt enter correct tool sizes and material selection it might set a very high Feed. But no Feed on a G01 move can ever go faster than the motors are tuned.

It might be better to run a few real simple MDI commands, just moving each axis an inch or two at a time until you confirm the machine settings are correct. Running a whole program happens very fast and a lot can go wrong quickly. Or maybe set to single step before you run the wizard code.