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Author Topic: Laser fixed pulses per distance (power proportional to feedrate)  (Read 1837 times)

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To get uniform cutting depth the laser power needs to be proportional to the actual feed rate which will vary as the laser head accelerate and slows down. This is commonly done by pulsing the laser on for fixed power burst every time it moves a fixed distance. For example it can fire every 0.1mm (4mils). So by first setting the power level by the duty cycle modulating the laser by for example 25% duty cycle and then pulsing it every time it moves the fixed distance the cutting power will be uniform.

After that long introduction comes the question: Can the Mach-3 software do the proportional pulse control? If not what suggestions do you have? I can always build a little embedded controller looking at the X-Y movement and calculate pulses based on that but I really do not want to spend the time doing that.
I have to hook up my CO2 laser to my Mach3 controller instead of the mill this weekend.  Any god references or reading material?
TIA for any suggestions.