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Author Topic: sheetcam thc300 post porcesssor help  (Read 2985 times)

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sheetcam thc300 post porcesssor help
« on: May 13, 2009, 08:29:51 PM »
hello all,

I am a newbie trying to learn the code of the thc300 post processor. I have drawn a simple square and applied the thc300 post processor to it.

I have been having issues with certain settings under sheet cam. My issues are as follows:

1. How do I set the speed of the z movement when the torch plunges for stock. I have changed the the plunge rate though the "plasma cutter properties page" with no success

2. How do I set the rapid speed of the z axis when the torch is motion.

attached is the .tap file that was created by sheetcam

N0000 (Filename: square5555.tap)
N0010 (Post processor: Plasma THC300.post)
N0020 (Date: 1/28/2002)
N0030 G20 (Units: Inches)
N0040 G53 G90 G40
N0050 F1
N0060 S500
N0070 (Part: square)
N0080 (Process: Plasma, 0, Plasma, 0.0008 inch kerf)
N0090 M06 T0 (Plasma, 0.0008 inch kerf)
N0100 G00 Z0.0000
N0110 X4.7975 Y5.8531
N0120 G28.1 Z0.12
N0130 G92 Z0.0
N0140 G00 Z0.1330
N0150 G92 Z0.0
N0160 G00 Z0.0800
N0170 M03
N0180 G01 X4.7975 Y5.8531 F50
N0190 G02 X5.4375 Y6.4931 I0.6400 J0.0000 F130.0
N0200 G01 Y0.0004
N0210 X0.0004 Y0.0004
N0220 Y6.4931
N0230 X5.4375
N0240 G02 X4.7975 Y5.8531 I-0.6400 J0.0000
N0250 M05
N0260 M05 M30

Also can someone explain certain functions within the posted g-code as i do not understand them.

N0050 F1 (not sure what this does )
N0060 S500 (not sure what this does )
N0100 G00 Z0.0000 (i assume this is the plunge, How do I change the g00 for a specific feed rate)

thanks for any help in advance