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Author Topic: need advice for my step per unit  (Read 2942 times)

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need advice for my step per unit
« on: May 05, 2009, 11:20:04 AM »
I've read tuning motor chapter,and make my calculation as below
pitch=1/5 =0.2                effective pitch =0.2x2=0.4
screw revs per unit =1/0.4 =2.5
motor revs per unit= 2.5xNs/Nm=2.5x1 =2.5    (1:1 drive ratio  my gear has no teeth)
mach3 steps per motor revs =200x32 = 6400
mach3 step per unit = 6400x2.5 =16000
would you please check this calculation if it right and if drive ratio 1:1 is right.
thank you for your support