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Author Topic: Rotation Diameter Problem?  (Read 2728 times)

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Rotation Diameter Problem?
« on: April 28, 2009, 02:28:25 AM »

I recently downloaded rev R3.042.020 and found that the ‘Rotation Diameter’ on the Settings page now wants a Radius (to set proper feed-rate) rather than a Diameter which my older version used. However, when the Z value changes, Mach still assumes that the Z is a diameter (not a radius) and consequently under-compensates the feed rate by 50%.

This is the check that I ran:
1.   Set ‘Rotation Diameter’ to 0.0001 (Let Mach use Z as diameter)
2.   G00 Z3.1831 A0 (Diameter of a 10 in circumference circle)
3.   G01 A360 F10 (Result: 60 sec travel time, OK)
4.   G00 Z 6.3662 (Dia of 20 in circumference)
5.   G01 A0 (120 sec OK)
This confirms that Mach is properly using Z as a diameter.

1.   Set ‘Rotation Diameter’ to 1.5915 (Radius of a 10 in circumference circle)
2.   G00 Z1.5915 A0
3.   G01 A360 F10 (Result: 60 sec, confirms that Mach is using ‘Rotation Diameter’ as a radius)
4.   G00 Z3.1831 (20 in circumference)
5.   G01 A0 (Result 90 sec, should be 120 sec)
This implies that Mach is mixing the ‘Z’ change as a diameter and the ‘Rotation Diameter’ as a Radius.

My apology if this has already been discussed or if I’m totally off base, (more often than I’d like to admit). I haven’t followed the forum for awhile, but did do a search and didn’t find any references.

Al Lenz