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Author Topic: 3-Axis Mill Retrofit, Servo and performance questions! Alot of functions?  (Read 14239 times)

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Im just reading his post of his Leadwell.
My idea is maybe still change the drives and the servo motors.

But is you doing with the spindle when you change tool?
Who does it know that the spindel is in correct degree to change toool so it has rotate to mutch?

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I do not have a tool changer on the mill at this time, hope to make one in the future. The lathe doesnt need to spindle orientated for obvious reasons.
 Having said that there must be a means for doing this in the leadwell, whether it has a servo motor or an induction motor I dont know, if a servo then you could easily index via a macro, if induction motor then I would imagine a shot pin would be used.