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Author Topic: Real time display of encoder position in DRO's on main screen  (Read 3639 times)

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G'day All

I have hooked up a couple of USDigital encoders to the X and Y axis of my mill and fed them into a cnc4pc C1G breakout board into Mach3.  So far so good, I've managed to get some pin lights flashing in the "Diagnostics" screen and the position counts logically up and down in the "Settings" screen.  In the main screen the DRO just stays at whatever value it was before until I press the "To DRO" button.

Is there any way to get a real time readout of the encoder postion to display in the main screen?  Alternately is there a straight "DRO mode" for Mach3 which will just display the actual table postion reported by the encoders?  It seems possible to devise a custom screen to do this using Screen4 or similar but my initial attempts have been a bit discouraging.

Any advice or assistance greatly appreciated.

Regards, Ian

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