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Author Topic: anyone have any ss and c23 pictures please trying to get ideas about mounting  (Read 4090 times)

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Hi if anyone has a picture of these mounted together that worked good for them I would love to see it
I believe it would be a big help to me to get some ideas how others are doing it
thanks a lot

it is not that I am unwilling to do the work myself
I would just prefer not to do it as many times to get it right

it looks like it would be best to have the side with all the leds to be clear on the case
so you could easily see all the indicators is all the thoughts I have had about it so far
thanks bye Rob

it seems like they may be a little awkward to get all mounted together
but I am shure I will get it figured out

I would also be willing to repay the effort if you can think of somthing
I don't have any pictures but I have mine mounted using standard standoffs.  The different in height with the SS attached is 1/2".  So I used 1/4" and 3/4" standoffs.
I have some pictures of mine. please give me your e mail and I will send you them!.

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I have been busy with work for a wile I have just about got the boards mounted
but I wish that cnc4pc had some pictures with there stuff connected to drives and things

it makes it much easier for some people there products seem good but there documentation
could be much better by including about 10 more pictures in there
 just my opinion
but I am sure others feel this way
my email is ror@whidbey.com

please forgive the late reply I built a new computer and did not get notified
of the reply's completely my fault
 but man this new computer is amazing with the ssd drives and all everything happens instantly