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Author Topic: input signal for TOOL CHANGE  (Read 2837 times)

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input signal for TOOL CHANGE
« on: April 12, 2009, 08:11:09 AM »
Hi, I'm building a auto tool change function to my machine,
and trying to modify the "M6start" from Mach3 example,

there is one line in the code 
" 'SystemWaitFor (7) 'Wait for the tool Release Limit switch "
is that mean the process wait for command "7"  to continue? 

and I tried to change the code to wait for Input Signal 1 like this:
"SystemWaitFor ( INPUT1 )"
it doesn't work with my input emulate....  only wait for Start button to continue

could anyone give me a hint to solve this?

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Re: input signal for TOOL CHANGE
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2009, 04:14:51 AM »
Are you saying that  you have an auto tool change mechanism, that you are trying to adapt to Mach 3.

I do not understand where your line of code comes from - my M6start does not have that line in - is this a VB script that you have got from somewhere.

Does this mean there is a switch on your tool change mechanism that closes when the tool is in pace and it is safe to proceed - in which case you will need to program an input pin for that function - perhaps an OEM function. There are a couple of tool change function leds in the list at 806 and 6, but I have no idea what they do.

Can you post the full script to have a look at.
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