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Author Topic: 0-10 volt output for vfd  (Read 9356 times)

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Re: 0-10 volt output for vfd
« Reply #10 on: April 23, 2009, 05:57:51 PM »
My first controller fluctuated all over the place. I gave up on it and got a board from Homann and it was better, but still fluctuated too mych to be usefull. I tried every suggestion to resolve it including setting up the breakout and speed controlers on a new computer in my office and just runing it with a voltmeter attached. The wires were literally only inches long and there were no machine tools anywhere around. Still fluctuated.

Peter was kind enough to send me one of his new design controllers and breakout boards to try.

These things are awesome! The controller is PWM and it the control voltage it puts out is dead steady . . at leaste in my nice quiet office on a new computer. Honestly I was afraid when I got it down on the old battle axe computer next to the mill, it would be fluctuating again.

I was just waiting for a second parallel port for the computer to arrive and and I just got it hooked up today on the machine tool. Still dead steady on the volt meter AND The spindle motor finally runs nice and steady! 

Happy camper here. Highly recommend Homanns new stuff . .  and I rarely endorse anything.