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Author Topic: Help - modifying circular pocket wizard generated G-Code (spiral)  (Read 3569 times)

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Hi, everyone

I have code generated by the circular pocket wizard.  The code is to dray a spiral (attached below).  I am faced with two problem;  1st
I need the router to go from outside to inside - the code generated by the wizard is in to out.  Can you help me configure the wizard or help modify the code so that the distance between the spirals is maintained ..
I need to modify the code so that the inner most spiral does one more turn without affecting the other spirals (I need to fill the center with the fluid I am dispensing)

Thank you in advance for your help.  The code is below (I use a valve to dispense fluid rather than a router - the A0 is for the valve that dispenses the liquid - opens-closes:

(Pocket Size = +13.0 - GIVES 13 IN DIAM CIRCLE)
( % Step Over = 30)
(Ramp Dis = + 0.5, Feedrate = +500)
(Tool Diam = +4.0)
(sTEP DEPTH = ?)


G0 G49 G40  G17 G80 G50 G90
G0 A0
X0 Y0
G1 A0.4
G3 Y0 X1.2 R0.6 A.15 F2000
Y0 X-1.2 R1.2
Y0 X2.4 R1.8
Y0 X-2.4 R2.4
Y0 X3.6 R3
Y0 X-3.6 R3.6
Y0 X4.8 R4.2
Y0 X-4.8 R4.8
Y0 X6 R5.4
Y0 X-6 R6 A.15 F1400
X6 Y0 R6 A.02
G0 A0