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Modbus TCP
« on: March 13, 2009, 04:47:34 PM »
Hi all,

I have been playing with mach3 for a couple of weeks and have made up various bits and pieces using lpt port to drive stepper.

I've got an XBOX100 from www.proconx.com which has an ethernet port.
This is basically ethernut.de design with RS485 comms which I have previously used for link between SLC500 ethernet peer to peer comms
and modbus 485 network. It is a very reliable piece of kit.

I've got modbus tcp now running o.k. on XNUT. Tested with Fieldtalk(tm) modpoll.
Can supply code if requested via email.

Would now like to talk to it from mach 3, but I've got no idea how to set modbus tcp up on mach3.

I am using non-registered / free version of mach 3 whilst I am playing around. Don't know if this is why I can't setup modbus tcp.

Have watched 3 modbus videos but these are only for rs485.

When I go via function cfgs/ setup tcp modbus .. nothing happens.

Would welcome any information.