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Author Topic: Retrofit an Acroloc M12  (Read 2998 times)

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Retrofit an Acroloc M12
« on: January 31, 2009, 02:59:52 AM »
Hey guys,
I'm kicking around having an Acroloc M12 mill retrofit to run on Mach 3. The machine is working, cut some parts this week, but the controller will have a fit now and then. It would be great to have a little more memory, and a lot less tape reading... Called about a BTR, now thinking a complete retrofit would be better, after hearing some prices from the tape place. Not a fan of the ancient controller with the bad attitude either(gets slapped around a lot to make it act right ???). It's acted a little better since wiring to real three faze, but in not trustworthy by any measure.

Thought this would be the best place to ask if someone in the KC area has done this sort of thing. Don't think I will have the spare time needed to get a project like this done in a timely fashion(or the know-how).
If you could direct me to a person/company that have experience in this sort of thing, and can pull it off in a reasonable time frame, it would be great.

Sam Steeb
username @ hotmail.com
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