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Voltage swing
« on: October 05, 2009, 06:51:33 AM »
I am having  a problem with getting my stepper kit run. I think I have found the problem. When using the jog button i find the pin that is switching but the swing is from 3Mv to 23Mv when the x jog button is pressed. Do I need a different board before the BOB to pump up signal
Re: Voltage swing
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2009, 08:09:17 PM »
No one has had this problem. I still cannot get any voltage swing from mach 3. Is there a common set up for windows xp that i could try and see if i can get that work?
At least if can get the pin out work from P.P. I can then focus on the steeper and controller. I just to make sure the Mach 3 is set correctly \. Any help would be greatly appricated.
Could some one post how their mach 3 mill is set.

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Re: Voltage swing
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2009, 10:14:54 PM »
Lets start at the beginning.
1- You go into config>ports & pins and in the first screen and you make sure that  the address for the PP is corrrect. Make sure you ckeck the box above the addrress to enable it.
2- Now open the Motor Outputs - you enable the drives you are using and then define which pin the PP will use for the step and direction signal. You also need to check / define if it is active low or high. Lets just use  port #1 for both and then assign pin #
2 & 3.
3- Now open the input signals and scroll down and make sure the Estop is enabled, assign port 1 and pin 10  and check the Emulated box ( i don't know what you have so it shoulds still work )
4-The output signals and enable MPGS could have nothing checked and should still work thru the PP
5- Go to Motor Tuning and add the appropriate steps per unit , velocity, step and direction pulse number ( try 4 )

Do this for one axis, say the x axis.

Now you should be able to do a reset ( stops the red flashing reset button ).
Use the Tab key and then click the X + and X- , you should see the DRO's change.

Now if you were to use a meter and measure voltage from Pin # 2 or #3  to ground you will see the voltage change. Some PP ports only output 3 volts, some only 5 volts, and some PP cards allow / provide for either voltage via a jumper.  You should see a voltage change as you alternately click the X + X- . I don't know what your drivers require, but, dosn't matter for just testing the PP.

Now if you don't see the DRO's changing, then the address of the PP may be wrong. And BTW, make sure you have it enabled by checking the box above the address you entered.

I can't configure your machine as i know nothing about it. If i give you my xml the config will be wrong and i guarentee you the PP address i use will not be correct.

SO you should be able to see the dro's move, but if no signal out the PP, then chances are the address is not correct or MAch didn't accept it.
Hope this helps,

BTW: What version of MACH are you using?

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