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Author Topic: Galil 2133 or DSPMC/IP Motion Controller?  (Read 6015 times)

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Galil 2133 or DSPMC/IP Motion Controller?
« on: June 04, 2009, 11:39:58 AM »
 ??? I need to know what is better suited for running Mach3 the Galil 2133 or DSPMC/IP Motion Controller?

I bought a huge CNC Router on eBay for $999, it is a Shinx vintage 1991, it has an old Epson 286-U computer.

I was told this has analog drivers + - 10 volts.

I was going to buy a used Galil on eBay but I need support so I might buy new either directly for Galil or the DSPMC/IP configured from Machmotion.

The galil setup as I want will run approx $1500 and the Machmotion DSPMC/IP is $2550.

What concerns me is getting trhe Shinx operating correctly with full functionality (raising and lowering the pnuematic actuated spindles and drills).

Camsoft wants $7000 but I will stick with Mach3  ;)
Re: Galil 2133 or DSPMC/IP Motion Controller?
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2009, 11:18:26 AM »
Wow, that's a monster   ;D

I tried going the galil route with a used dmc-2160 controller and everything else new from galil.  I ran into a problem with the used control which was coming up as a dmc-2120 despite being a fully loaded 2160.  Instead of even asking me to send it in to be reflashed or repaired at normal rates the galil support tech had the secretary tell me the tech departement was refusing to take my calls because I had a used control--despite having a couple grand of new galil products interfaced with that used control.  I then asked to talk to the supervisor of the tech support department and he actually laughed at my situation and told me quote: "If you buy a new 2260 I will shower you with support."  I personally consider this un-ethical business behavior.  I wasn't asking them to hold my hand and give me hours of support setting something up.  I had one of their products which needed service.  I don't think the company deserves the business of the retrofit community.  They certainly don't appreciate it--just my opinion(and general consensus of everyone I talked to who does business with them).

I ended up going with the dspmc/ip and amc drives.  In the process of installing the amc drives instead of the galil amp I figured out the galil documentation was actually intentionally obtuse apparantly to make you think their products are doing something complicated and special for you.  All of the setup that required sorting through book sized instruction manuals for the galil amp/control could be accomplished with single page of instructions and a hand full of dip switches and trim pots on the amc amps.  With the amc trim pots your adjustments are exact to your system; you aren't forced to choose from the available range options in the galil software.

I also don't think you will finish up with a galil controller for $1500 unless they have cut their prices in half in the last year.  They will want you to use a handful of extremely expensive cables and break out boards that will cost that much to interface to the control.

I tried surplus opto22 modules and their io board that has screw terminal connections for both the control and external interfaces.  I had problems with the surplus io modules and switched to grayhill.  The gray hill stuff is great.  I would just buy all grayhill for the io next time around.

Here's the thread detailing everything I went through retrofitting my machine: http://www.machsupport.com/forum/index.php/topic,3990.0.html