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Re: Mach3 Spindle Speed Problem
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Thanks for the reply.  I was afraid it was never fixed.   I reported it in the yahoo group but it is only getting responses that don't comprehend what is happening, the responses go into how to setup and tune a PWM spindle.  I knew that would happen.  Its pretty obvious that it is a bug in mach but until that is realized a fix will never happen.    I have gone down the same path before with other bugs,  they always seem to be initally dismissed as "operator" errors.    Its not like mach hasn't had a "few" bugs before.

I have a hunch that this might have happened a year or so back when Art fixed the threading code in machturn OR when he fixed the spindle calibration routine.  Its pretty common for one item to get fixed and cause another bug in the process.
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Re: Mach3 Spindle Speed Problem
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Re: Mach3 Spindle Speed Problem
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Re: Mach3 Spindle Speed Problem
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Hi All,
I am happy to report that the spindle speed problem that I have been witnessing for years now is FIXED!!!

I am also happy to report that Page 3 of my document describing PWM Control of Spindles using Mach3 is now inaccurate.

I have downloaded and tested Mach3_Rev3_043_030 from the yahoo site on two different machines as follows:

1.   A CNC Mill under Parallel Port Control from a Desktop PC, and

2.   A CNC Lathe under Smoothstepper USB Control from an older Dell Laptop.

When I request 500rpm from any input (MDI, From a G Code program, etc.), the spindle now goes to 500rpm as requested, and not some speed slightly higher as in all previous versions of Mach3 that I have used.
Pressing the Spindle Speed Override reset button now has no effect, unless the spindle speed override is set to other than 100%.

Thanks to Sparky whose tenacity is to be envied.  Like a bloody bloodhound!!!   If ever you are in Queensland, Australia, I owe you a carton of my favourite local brew, *********X Gold.

And thanks to Brian who found the pesky problem and corrected it.