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Arc Voltage control
« on: November 09, 2008, 02:42:26 PM »
hey all,

After getting most of  the small issues  sorted out with my THC-300.  I have started to do some cuts to fine tune my machine.

After  some testing I have noticed  an issue with the Arc Voltage control.   My  THC seems to operate correctly   (i.e It moves the Z axis  up and down.  )
But my issue is that it does not seem to maintain the THC voltage set point.   

Here is an explanation of  what is happening. -=-

I am cutting a simple square  using a 40Amp tip  set to 200 IPM my Z is also set to 200IPM.  My arc voltage set point is  78VDC and set though Mach3 in the Settings page labeled "Tip Volts"
My code is also generated with sheet cam using the THC300  post processor.
When the code is run everything appears  normal but the arc voltage on the front panel display  will vary between  70 and  100 Volts.

thanks for any help in advance