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Author Topic: Arc problem ?  (Read 2984 times)

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Arc problem ?
« on: September 28, 2008, 01:55:25 PM »
When ever i start mach3 and post the code below it looks great, however when I start Mach3 in Sherline (metric) mode it looks like the attached image.

does anyone know why?



---------------------The Code -------------------------------------------------------

N1 G18 G21 G40 G49 G90 G94 G80

N6 F65
N7 G00 Z-0.4000 X+10.2601
N8 G01 X+10.0101 F+65.0000
N9 X+9.7601
N10 Z-49.9999
N11 X+10.0101
N12 G00 Z-49.8741 X+10.3101
N13 Z-0.4000
N14 X+9.7601
N15 G01 X+9.5101
N16 Z-49.9999
N17 X+9.7601
N18 G00 Z-49.8741 X+10.0601
N19 Z-0.4000
N20 X+9.5101
N21 G01 X+9.2601
N22 Z-49.9999
N23 X+9.5101
N24 G00 Z-49.8741 X+9.8101
N25 Z-0.4000
N26 X+9.2601
N27 G01 X+9.0101
N28 Z-49.9999
N29 X+9.2601
N30 G00 Z-49.8741 X+9.5601
N31 Z-0.4000
N32 X+9.0101
N33 G01 X+8.7601
N34 Z-49.9999
N35 X+9.0101
N36 G00 Z-49.8741 X+9.3101
N37 Z-0.4000
N38 X+8.7601
N39 G01 X+8.5101
N40 Z-49.9999
N41 X+8.7601
N42 G00 Z-49.8741 X+9.0601
N43 Z-0.4000
N44 X+8.5101
N45 G01 X+8.2601
N46 Z-49.9999
N47 X+8.5101
N48 G00 Z-49.8741 X+8.8101
N49 Z-0.4000
N50 X+8.2601
N51 G01 X+8.0101
N52 Z-49.9999
N53 X+8.2601
N54 G00 Z-49.8741 X+8.5601
N55 Z-0.4000
N56 X+8.0101
N57 G01 X+7.7601
N58 Z-49.9999
N59 X+8.0101
N60 G00 Z-49.8741 X+8.3101
N61 Z-0.4000
N62 X+7.7601
N63 G01 X+7.5101
N64 Z-49.9999
N65 X+7.7601
N66 G00 Z-49.8741 X+8.0601
N67 Z-0.4000
N68 X+7.5101
N69 G01 X+7.2601
N70 Z-1.4233
N71 G03 Z-6.3767 X+7.2601 I-5.4000 K-3.9000
N72 G00 Z-6.2509 X+7.5601
N73 Z-0.4000
N74 X+7.2601
N75 G01 X+7.0162
N76 G03 Z-1.4233 X+7.2601 I-5.4000 K-3.9000
N77 Z-6.3767 X+7.2601 I-5.4000 K-3.9000
N78 G01 Z-49.9999
N79 X+7.5101
N80 G00 Z-49.8741 X+7.8101
N81 Z-6.1461
N82 Z-6.3767 X+7.2601
N83 G03 Z-7.4216 X+7.0101 I-5.4000 K-3.9000
N84 G01 Z-49.9999
N85 X+7.2601
N86 G00 Z-49.8741 X+7.5601
N87 Z-7.1910
N88 Z-7.4216 X+7.0101
N89 G03 Z-7.4586 X+6.9995 I-5.4000 K-3.9000
N90 G01 Z-31.9724 X+6.7601
N91 Z-49.9999
N92 X+7.0101
N93 G00 Z-49.8741 X+7.3101
N94 Z-31.7417
N95 Z-31.9724 X+6.7601
N96 G01 Z-49.9999 X+6.5840
N97 X+6.7601
N98 G00 Z-48.5113 X+10.3101
N99 Z-0.4000 X+10.0101
N100 M05
N101 M30

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Re: Arc problem ?
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2008, 02:08:39 PM »
This might not be the right answer - BUT - on G3 and G4, I thought I and K were offsets from where you were - therefore they will be a different position on every cut, because in your program they are all the same offset. They are not, as far as I know, the centre of rotation, which is what you seem to have programed them as.

I don't know, because I always use the "R" parameter with G3 and G4.
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Re: Arc problem ?
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2008, 03:34:57 PM »

Thanks for the reply.

Here is some of a similar code using 'R'

As you can see it is till doing the same thing with Sherline mode...grrr

Any other thoughts?



---------------------- Code ----------------------------------

N1 G18 G21 G40 G49 G90 G94 G80
N10 M09
N11 G28 W0 U0
N12 T0202
N13 S120
N14 M08
N82 G00 Z-0.4000 X+10.2601
N83 G01 X+10.0101
N84 X+9.7601
N85 Z-49.9999
N86 X+10.0101
N87 G00 Z-49.8741 X+10.3101
N88 Z-0.4000
N89 X+9.7601
N90 G01 X+9.5101
N91 Z-49.9999
N92 X+9.7601
N93 G00 Z-49.8741 X+10.0601
N94 Z-0.4000
N95 X+9.5101
N96 G01 X+9.2601
N97 Z-49.9999
N98 X+9.5101
N99 G00 Z-49.8741 X+9.8101
N100 Z-0.4000
N101 X+9.2601
N102 G01 X+9.0101
N103 Z-49.9999
N104 X+9.2601
N105 G00 Z-49.8741 X+9.5601
N106 Z-0.4000
N107 X+9.0101
N108 G01 X+8.7601
N109 Z-49.9999
N110 X+9.0101
N111 G00 Z-49.8741 X+9.3101
N112 Z-0.4000
N113 X+8.7601
N114 G01 X+8.5101
N115 Z-49.9999
N116 X+8.7601
N117 G00 Z-49.8741 X+9.0601
N118 Z-0.4000
N119 X+8.5101
N120 G01 X+8.2601
N121 Z-49.9999
N122 X+8.5101
N123 G00 Z-49.8741 X+8.8101
N124 Z-0.4000
N125 X+8.2601
N126 G01 X+8.0101
N127 Z-49.9999
N128 X+8.2601
N129 G00 Z-49.8741 X+8.5601
N130 Z-0.4000
N131 X+8.0101
N132 G01 X+7.7601
N133 Z-2.0795
N134 G03 Z-5.7205 X+7.7601 R+7.0251
N135 G00 Z-5.5947 X+8.0601
N136 Z-0.4000
N137 X+7.7601
N138 G01 X+7.5101
N139 Z-1.3223
N140 G03 Z-2.0795 X+7.7601 R+7.0251
N141 G00 Z-1.9537 X+8.0601
N142 Z-0.4000
N143 X+7.5101
N144 G01 X+7.2601
N145 Z-0.7616
N146 G03 Z-1.3223 X+7.5101 R+7.0251
N147 G00 Z-1.1965 X+7.8101
N148 Z-0.4000
N149 X+7.2601
N150 G01 X+7.0661
N151 G03 Z-0.7616 X+7.2601 R+7.0251
N152 G00 Z-0.4000 X+8.1225
N153 X+10.3101
N154 Z-1.0102
N155 Z-2.0795 X+7.7601
N156 G03 Z-5.7205 X+7.7601 R+7.0251
N157 G01 Z-49.9999
N158 X+8.0101
N159 G00 Z-49.8741 X+8.3101
N160 Z-5.4899
N161 Z-5.7205 X+7.7601
N162 G03 Z-6.4777 X+7.5101 R+7.0251
N163 G01 Z-49.9999
N164 X+7.7601
N165 G00 Z-49.8741 X+8.0601
N166 Z-6.2470
N167 Z-6.4777 X+7.5101
N168 G03 Z-7.0384 X+7.2601 R+7.0251
N169 G01 Z-49.9999
N170 X+7.5101
N171 G00 Z-49.8741 X+7.8101
N172 Z-6.8077
N173 Z-7.0384 X+7.2601
N174 G03 Z-7.4958 X+7.0101 R+7.0251
N175 G01 Z-49.9999
N176 X+7.2601
N177 G00 Z-49.8741 X+7.5601
N178 Z-7.2651
N179 Z-7.4958 X+7.0101
N180 G03 Z-7.5147 X+6.9988 R+7.0251
N181 G01 Z-28.0415 X+6.7601
N182 Z-49.9999
N183 X+7.0101
N184 G00 Z-49.8741 X+7.3101
N185 Z-27.8108
N186 Z-28.0415 X+6.7601
N187 G01 Z-49.5415 X+6.5101
N188 Z-49.9999
N189 X+6.7601
N190 G00 Z-49.8741 X+7.0601
N191 Z-49.3108
N192 Z-49.5415 X+6.5101
N193 G01 Z-49.9999 X+6.5048
N194 X+6.5101
N195 G00 Z-48.4064 X+10.3101
N196 Z-0.4000 X+10.0101
N197 M05
N198 M30

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Re: Arc problem ?
« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2008, 04:19:20 PM »
have a look at your configuration >ports pins>turn options
does one have "reversed arcs infront post" checked?

also where is the code genrated from?

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Re: Arc problem ?
« Reply #4 on: September 28, 2008, 04:25:26 PM »

You are a genius,  the code is generated by an old copy of oneCNC.

However it has worked.  What does that "reversed arcs in front post" checkbox do?

Thank you,