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Re: enable outputs
« Reply #10 on: September 10, 2008, 05:33:19 AM »
Hi Zarzul

Ok that makes two of us .
I only needed two enable outputs as i am working on mach turn.
I am still looking to find a way to disable drive when there is no step signal.
This feature allows the drives and motors to operate much cooler.
The reduction gearing is usually enough so that the tool remains in position.

At least that is what i have experienced on my very home made mill

As I said previously there is something in the back of my mind about the enables and I just cant remember, it may be that I tried toi use them a while back and I found that they didnt work. I however just use one enable for all my drives on the lathe as I have no need to individually disable the drives, they are either all enabled or all disabled.
 As for switching the drives off when they are not being commanded I think that is the teritory of the drive rather than the software. Gecko drives do this and a few others do it as well, when the drive is not getting a signal from the Step/Dir the current is reduced. Have a look at your drives as they may have that feature.
Re: enable outputs
« Reply #11 on: March 08, 2009, 09:05:50 PM »
I may be having a similar issue as described.

Mach ver R3.042.020 SS Beta2 ver. 0.015ogb

In my case I have:
Output 1 set to spindle relay Port 1 pin 8
Output 2 set as and AUX AC relay port 1 pin9
Output 3 set as another AUX AC relay port 2 pin1
Output 4 set as air tool pnematic relay port 2 pin 16
Output 5 set as another pneumatic relay for stop pins Port2 pin 17

Charge pump is on Port 2 pin 14

everything works (under my control) except output 4. This one seems to be tied somehow to the run button and gets fired everytime I do a regen or toogles on and off to some mind control of its own when running the roadrunner g-code.  If I map it to say mist control it will not respond to my requests. Also it does not seem to activate is in single step mode.

Definitely not noise as it is not random and all signals are opto isiolated.

got me scratching my head at the moment