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Author Topic: Difference between STEP and DIR  (Read 7726 times)

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Re: Difference between STEP and DIR
« Reply #10 on: August 20, 2008, 10:33:20 AM »
The signals without BOB C11 were perfect and do not have the problem with the loss of 1 pulse of STEP.
I have 2 more C11 V.2.0, I will make the test with these
The C11 V. 3.1 did not work.
I explain the case to Duncan.
Again thanks for your help.
I'm still starting with the MACH3.
My new experiment will be with Smooth S.
I hope good results, if possible the help you also.

Thank you.



    CNC4PC C11 v2.0 is exactly the board I had that had this kind of problem.  Definitely get in touch with Arturo, I think he'll fix you up.

Ray L.
Ray L.
Re: Difference between STEP and DIR
« Reply #11 on: August 20, 2008, 04:27:03 PM »
Dear Duncan.

I solved my problem previously reported.
>Please correct me if you are wrong.
>The C11 uses to generate the signals DIR the CI LTV847, Higth Density
>Photocoupler and to generate the signals STEP the MT25310.
>The LTV is much slower, your time varies between 18 us, and you used one
>10Kohm RL, so it was slower still.
>See Figure 10 ( Response Time vs. Load Resistance) Data Sheet.
>The MT25310 with the same RL is 0.3 - 1 us.
>The ideal would be for my system that all output were quick with 25310.
>But could solve my problem replacing all the RL to 1.2 Kohm, significantly
>improving the response and thereby obtaining the desired result.
>I did tests and the system worked perfect.
>Please in the next C11 that I will buy, make this exchange.
>Output D / A, only worked properly when put in the time of STEP 5us, but
>when I changed the RL functioned normally, without the need to change the
>time of STEP.
>Thank you.