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Author Topic: What procedure, files for MAXPATH 42 CL Router to work with Mach3?  (Read 3222 times)

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Any one have experience with Mach 3 and the MAXPATH 42 routers?

How are you configuring the system so that this runs smoothly?

I have an XML file that MAXNC  Recently Sent me to try out but I cannot get MACH 3 to run G programs


1) if I followed the right procedure for loading the XML file in Mach 3.
2) Is there something else I need to do to the Configuration to get this setup to work?

Here is what I did.

1) Loaded Mach 3 (Trial Version) on a laptop
2) Downloaded the MAXPATH42 1.2  XML file MAXNC sent me  and place it into the MACH 3 folder
3) From my Desktop, Mach3 "LOADER" icon,  click on it and I see the file there
I click on, OK, and Mach 3 starts with Profile indicating MAXPATH42 1.0, in the bottom right area of the Mach 3 screen, so I know this loaded
4) Homing and manual jog of motors works fine. May require a bit of motor tunning on the x axis but I can do this later on.
5) Loaded G file Roadrunner to test system, I get Condition buttom "unstable" ??, E Stop keeps reseting and indicating Watchdog Timer error.
As a result the MAXPATH 42 router controller and motors reset, as well, going OFF, then as soon as the Reset is toggled via the Mach 3 screen, the controller resets and
so do the motors. 

Can jog OK , but running G Code program stalls,  nothing happens, sometimes I can see the code moving, sometimes I cant,  motors don't move
at all when I try to run G program, no sound indicating there is any action?  Try joggin and homing, this works!.

I am running out of options to try, except to ask here and in other forums . I am also going to go over the Mach videos, one more time and see if I missed anything.

Please help, if you can.


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Can you attach the xml please.