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Author Topic: Mach3-Lazycam, Rhinoceros 4.0, Labcenter (Proteus VSM) combined(resolved)  (Read 3248 times)

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Hi forks,  First of all I'd like to say that I love Mach3.  The software is so easy to look at.  I do however I find that after running Mach3 (licenced user) that Mach3-Lazycam can be destroyed by Rhinoceros 4.0. I'll try to explain :(

Frist, I create a new design in Labcenter (Proteus 7.3) Saved as DXF file.  I open the DXF in Lazycam..blah,blah,blah..next after all the tool paths are set, I load the Gcode to Mach3.....Sweet, everything works.  If I look at the pathname and the icon created Rhinoceros 4.0 smacked a rhino icon on it.  Now if I regen the gcode Mach3 doesn't understand that the file was created in Lazycam.  I tried to save the file to a new Drive and exported it to Lazycam and the Gcode created in Lazycam, but still Rhinoceros smacked it icon on it.  Secondly, I have found that after running Mach3 my Menu bars doesn't appear (Noted that there are the shortcuts for menubars..grr)  I also found out that my "Start Teach" appears, but "End Teach" doesn't.  Also btw most, if not all the useful drop down sub menus didn't work. Is anyone out there running the same software, or maybe a developer could explain why this is so?     
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