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Author Topic: Making my first cut... getting the DXF file into Mach 3 and working it...  (Read 3761 times)

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I just finished my 3 axis mill last night and want to cut my first part. I have not yet gone through the well written Mach 3 manual fully, so forgive me if the answer to this is there.

I have the small part in a DXF file, and want to use it in Mach 3 demo version to test things out. I tried the roadrunner file last night and it didn't seem to move the machine, but I could get goo movement just jogging the axis with the jog buttons.

I imported the small part file into Mach 3 via the File>DXF feature, and it shows up in the window properly. However, I am not sure how to size the part. It appears that Mach 3 thinks the part is larger dimensionally than I designed it. Also, when I go to cut the file, it seems to show a slow cut path, even thought I have set the speeds and tuned it in the motors menu.

Thanks for the help. I am looking forward to being a contributor instead of an 'asker" :)

Post the file and in Mach3 on the toolpath screen there are a some DRO's that will tell you how large the file will cut in every axis.
Hope that helps
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