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Mentor needed
« on: May 06, 2008, 10:56:10 AM »
I haven't written any code in 10 years and when I was I wasn't that good.  I need to write a wizard for my indexer.  Here are the first two features needed.  With a piece of wood of X number of sides ( usually 4 or 8) mill to round.  With a round piece of material mill a barley twist X long, Y # of starts and using Z width of router bit.  Rope/barley twists will be based on Magnate router bits that will cut the proper profile.  I think that it will a threading operation.  I have copy of VB4 starter kit. 
  Logic of rounding?  With corner of stock at A0 mill -Zvar  from Xvar to Xvar.  Move tool -Yvar -Zvar and return to starting X position.  Move Y and mill to Xvar end, repeat till all wood removed from this depth.  This requires that the app knows width of material to be removed.  Width of material has to be calculated based on number of sides and depth of cut.  Continue till reach the material has been cut to finish diameter.  Rotate to next corner and repeat till all corners are milled.  Now the number of sides has doubled.  Now I suspect the fastest way is move Z to var rotate A to start of material of next corner and mill a pass, rotate A var degrees and mill back to X start.  Finish cutting rest of material of corner and then do the rest of corners continuing till material is round.  Wish I could afford to have someone write it for me so I could spend the time in the shop but that is not the case.  Anyone willing to help me?

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Re: Mentor needed
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2008, 09:26:29 AM »
There is a "Spline and Gear" Wizard in the Wizard list (by Brain Barker), you can take that screen, add an A axis to it and give it the degree of rotation per pass and that may do what you want.

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