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Author Topic: MP-03 ModIO Pendant Kit now Available  (Read 4636 times)

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MP-03 ModIO Pendant Kit now Available
« on: March 04, 2009, 02:12:59 AM »

The MP-03 Pendant Kit is now available for sale.


The MP-03 is a Kit of Parts that can be built into a Robust and full featured hand-held Pendant. The Pendant is based around the modbus MC-01 ModIO controller and LCD display. A Mach3 plugin is also supplied that enables easy setup but allows for customisation of the pendants functionality.

Included with the pendant kit is the following documentation and software files:

  • DXF file of pendant enclosure with cut-Outs
  • Schematic diagram for the Pendant wiring
  • GCode .tap files for milling the enclosure
  • MP-03 Pendant Mach3 Plugin.

Please note: This is a Kit of parts and not an assembled unit. You will need to have moderate soldering and electrical wiring skills. Additionally, you will need to mill out the enclosure cut-outs. As an option you can have the enclosure pre-milled if necessary.


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