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Scan Direction
« on: June 19, 2008, 07:55:46 PM »

For scanning an area or a volume I would like to have the user specify:

(xFirst, xLast, xStep, xOrder)
(yFirst, yLast, yStep, yOrder)
(zFirst, zLast, zStep, zOrder)

Where First designates the first point for that axis and Last designates the end of the scan. This would allow for scanning in either a positiive or negative axis direction.

Step designates the scan step size for that axis. This would be shown unsigned or the sign shown taken from the direction from First to Last. An alternative might be to specify the number of steps rather than the step size.

The Order designates the order in which the axes are incremented. Order=1 would be the innermost loop and order=3 would be the outermost loop for three axes. Zero would mean to exclude that axis from motion. 
Tom Hubin