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LED Animation Test
« on: May 05, 2006, 06:13:39 PM »
I'm working on a Universal Mach Screen that will have no texts just icons. This might help with the language translation problems.

While putting it together I thought it might be nice to animate the visual descriptions to avoid any confutations on what the buttons, fields or LED's where representing.

I included a simple sample of a hammer hitting a nail and a twisting green thing (they both will animate once the E-stop is activated).

I was wondering if this is a good idea and is it possible to have more than two states in a "LED button", giving an animation of an "on" state and another animation of an "off" state coming from the same "LED button".

Please tell me if I'm uploading too many files to Artsofts server, I'm not sure If you want me posting these test files to explain an idea or not?

                     -Animation Test file-
If you have downloaded the 3 Axis simple screen setup 1.0 and would like to see the test animation:

1. Place LED animation folder in: Mach 3\Bitmaps\Touch screen

2. Place Set file in Mach 3 main folder.

*I have remove buttons to display Animation.
This is an add on to 3 Axis Simple Screen 1.0 to test animation only.