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Author Topic: Newbie converting Hardinge TFB to CNC - Questions about Mach 3, Motors, etc.  (Read 4077 times)

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Hi All,

I've been exploring the CNC conversion world for several weeks and it seems that Mach 3 is the system of choice for many doing CNC conversions.

I'm planning on converting a 1970's vintage Hardinge TFB lathe to a CNC machine, and would like to get some input on what would make a good setup for this lathe.

It seems that Mach 3 is the easy decision, but what guidance do you all have for the other components...?  It seems that Gecko is a popular product to use with Mach 3.  Any thought's about that..?  What about motors, ball screws, etc.

Has anyone ever put together a step by step guide to go about a project like this...?

I did have one specific question about if Mach 3 supports the use MPG's for the lathe's handwheels.  Does anyone know if this option is available...?

Thanks in advance for your time!

Best Regards,
Mach 3 does support MPG's, I'm also looking into using computer handwheel control but have not got there yet.  You may want to download the mach 3 users manual and a demo version and play around with it.  I did find mpg encoders a www.mouser.com page 1200 of their e-catalog.  They do have one unit the gives 64 pulses per rpm, but it's close to $30.  Does anyone have a better source?

Hope this helps