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problems with mach3-hardware
« on: February 14, 2008, 12:51:54 AM »
Dear Sir,
I have designed a PCI interface card in two ports, 32-bit input and 32-bit output ports with given IO base address.
I am working with MACH 3 by assigning them (ports) as address base 2 for prime tests.
I face to some followed questions:
1-Is it possible to use all 32 bits input and output via MACh3 or they are available just in 8 bits as output and 5 bits as input, like printer port? 
2-While running software (MACH3), it seems a little jitter in sending pulses to an AC servo motor from FUJI brand. Could you explain about it, please?
3- Can Mach 3 close the control position loop or the encoder data are just to show on screen? If the AC servo driver could not retrieve lost pulses, How MACH3 can handle it?
4-If I apply G100 or other similar hardware modules, what changes maybe occurred to answers (3 above questions)?
Your kindly reply can help me to solve my problems.
Thanks in advance.
Best Regards.

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Re: problems with mach3-hardware
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2008, 10:47:00 PM »
Hi, F_khalaj

Not an Expert myself, Hears some Info to digest:

Q 1. Mach3 is setup for two port's (printer) as shown in Config, Ports & Pins Port 1, 12 outs, 5 ins, Port 2 the same, Except you can change pin's 2-9 to ins  giving you 8 more inputs.

There was a little discussion about adding a PCI input/output card, Never was a consensus on which one to use, Thy wouldn't be used for driving any additional Axises though.

Then Brain's (Faster Responce to In-Outs came along , serial or TCIP Interface for PLC's and such.

Q 2.  Mach3 likes a clean windows install "dedicated system" to run the smoothest, Theres a Optimization File, Around hear some where. QuickTime and some other programs can cause some problems

Q 3. For the most part Mach3 relies on your Servos or stepper control to carry out it's instructions, I now of at least one board that tracks the differences between  Mach3 and position error/feedback from encoders with stepper or servo's

Q 4. G100 (EtherNet, SmouthStepper (USB), NcPodc (USB), Galil DMC Series (not sure PCI), Use dedicated on board CPU control's that Mach communicates/controls.

Hope this Helps, Chip