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Author Topic: Newbie questions... Lazy Cam/Mach 3  (Read 4985 times)

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Newbie questions... Lazy Cam/Mach 3
« on: January 18, 2008, 08:40:58 PM »
Ok folks, here we go  ;D

Just started this CNC thing.  I've always wanted one and finally decided to go for it.   

I have started producing my own version of the Rockwell "D", (router to start, plasma after) however a lot of mine will be made from aluminum.  I have not purcased the steppers or control yet, I would like to get most of the table built first.  I have the demo version (2.58) of lazy cam, as well as Mach 3 - I am totally new to both of these programs, and I am having difficulty with them.

I have watched the demo video of Lazy cam, but it is from a much different version than the one I have - and it seems to be much more user friendly.  I have imported a DXF, but the tool paths are a mess, and there are lots of things that just seem to happen randomly.  I find it very hard to change cutter direction, and it seems that quite often when I make a change, I go back to look at it after and it has not changed (double click on the chain).   The simulate works so fast that I can hardly see where the tool path is actually going, and if I zoom in, the directional arrows don't get any bigger (i.e. easier to click on!)

How much different is the registered version?  From what I have seen of the version I have, I would not purchase the "pro version" as this one seems to have so many issues.   It would be nice if there was at least a "help file" or some sort of instructions that are current for the version I have, or somewhere (which I have been un-able to find) to download the version that the online help video is made with...

When I try to use the code in Mach3, I only get about the top right 1/4 of my part, the tool paths are all changed as well as the origin...  It seems that there are MANY happy users of Mach3 out there, so I'm not as concerned with that - but I really don't know what I am doing in Mach3! (information overload!!)

If anyone has a link to "Mach 3 for dummies" and "Lazycam 2.58 for dummies" that would be great!  (or suggestions of some other software I should be using in it's place)



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Re: Newbie questions... Lazy Cam/Mach 3
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2008, 10:14:37 PM »
Hi, Bruce

There is a learning curve, Just jump in with latest ver. of Mach3, Non lic. ver have a 500 line G-code limit.

LazyCam has changed for many reasons and is getting better all the time, It's still Bata version.

Allot of the Videos need updating, It's just a mater of time, But there very valuable and give you incite into Mach3.

I'd suggest Making a Folder/Sub-Dir, C:\Mach3Install to save your Install versions in, Then if you have problems you can re-install an older ver if Needed.

Slow your feed rate down on Program Run Screen/Override or change the F speed  settings in your G-code.

Hope this Helps, Chip

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Re: Newbie questions... Lazy Cam/Mach 3
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2008, 02:45:30 PM »
How do you un-zoom in lazy cam?  I used the "Zoom Box" button but I can't figure out out to get back to full screen. The video tutorial is good but glosses over some of this kind of really simple stuff.
 Also I don't recall the video talking about the "drill sel circles" , "drill rad circles" "optimise" "leads off", "rem points" , shift drw" buttons and proably a lot of other stuff that Murphy would dictate that I need to know  :)

Re: Newbie questions... Lazy Cam/Mach 3
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2008, 03:09:43 PM »
Double click left mouse to UN-zoom.
Still tinkering, (another word for STRUGGLING) with the other functions also.
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Re: Newbie questions... Lazy Cam/Mach 3
« Reply #4 on: July 03, 2008, 09:17:37 AM »
I know how u feel dude. I started out with Lazy Cam. But now, I use BobCAD/CAM(which is a complete design/G-Code processor). However, LazyCam definately can do the job(temporarily). Your tool, Layer&RapidHeight settings are the key to programing the  proper G-Code which then can correctly be processed into Mach 3. What u r getting is a bad case of  "G-Code-itis". The little column (usually)to the left of the project screen is very helpful in getting your shape(design) prepared for proper output into Mach 3. For instance, the CLEAN button: u should use it first, whenever u upload a shape(design) because it will straighten out any miss-guided arrow-directions or simple flaws,or other anomolies, do to transfer.  If u take a little time to learn a few of the functions and how they work, you will find that LazyCam is actually very accurate in processing G-Code and inputing it into Mach 3 .

Hope this little bit of info helps u take it further, til u jump in and bath in the pool of BbCAD/CAM(lol)!   Anyway....have a good one ....
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