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Author Topic: Computer Hardware Compatibility - Dell Laptop with Docking Station  (Read 2763 times)

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Hello All,

My computer in the garage that was dedicated to running my Mach 3 software for my CNC router died.  I am not sure of the cause; probably too much dust.

Anyway, I need to replace it with a new computer and I was thinking of getting a really nice Dell Laptop, the Dell Precision M6300.  This will hopefully support my CAD, CAM and Mach 3 software.  I was thinking of connecting the controller hardware/software through a docking station with a port replicator.  This way, when I am done machining I can just pop my computer off the docking station and bring it indoors.  Before I make the big leap and purchase all this expensive computer hardware, I wanted to check and see if this is compatible with Mach 3?

My question is: are there any problems using the Mach 3 Software with the parallel port of a docking station?  And, does it matter whether I purchase it with the Windows XP or the Windows Vista Operating System?

Thank you.