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Author Topic: Coil winding machine ( Wizard needed)  (Read 378168 times)

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Re: Coil winding machine ( Wizard needed)
« Reply #90 on: June 02, 2018, 08:36:46 AM »
The downloaded Coil winder folder only contains one bitmap (a .jpg file) but if you modify the screen for your own purposes then that is where the image bitmaps are stored.

I modified the coil winder screen a while back for a guitar string winder and this thread refers;   http://www.machsupport.com/forum/index.php/topic,28721.msg201561.html#msg201561

Re: Coil winding machine ( Wizard needed)
« Reply #91 on: June 05, 2018, 04:55:20 PM »
Dear Tweakie,  i try to make something with Machscreen but there is a much more missing component.


By the way, i have no idea for how to use screen editors.

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Re: Coil winding machine ( Wizard needed)
« Reply #92 on: June 06, 2018, 02:09:59 AM »
If you look in your Mach3 / Bitmaps folder - the folder MillBitmaps contains all the images necessary for the standard screen 1024.set. When using any screen editor it has to be run from a location that can access both the screen and it's associated bitmaps folder otherwise, as you have found, images are missing from the editor screen.

I still use the old original editor but Klaus has produced a much improved editor together with instructional notes and video's on it's use;  http://www.kd-dietz.com/klausphp/pages/eng/machscreen/description/ms_description.html

Hope this helps,

Re: Coil winding machine ( Wizard needed)
« Reply #93 on: June 12, 2018, 05:16:28 PM »
Hi Tweakie and joeaverage, Thanks for your helps :)

Klaus way made easier everything for me. Some bitmaps are doesn't worked, i try to made with labels and buttons (and import some bitmaps from 1024 screen set).

Last screen like this, i will find best placement of buttons by the time:  


And seems ok for now, i have a newborn baby and i'm really far away from my workshop. I will set the winder in july and then start to trials.

I want to ask somethings about macros behind the buttons.  

-Why "generate g code" button begin from 1.17 mm (x axis), i don't know why and i modified scripts and its start from 0.00 mm. I guess 1.17mm is enough margine for bobbin edges, ok it can be modified with bobbin  specs.

-"Set max wind speed" dro doesn't effect anything. I modified makro and made 550 for Feedrate ( well, i'm not programmer or makro writer i just try to hack it and make usable for me :) my programming skills left dead with C64 ). Do you know how can i set "max wind speed" active? (function=   user defined:1002) ?

-"Standart left to right" button can be described as "CW or CCW" ? i didn't tested anything on stepper motors, so i'm only try to guessing.

Thanks for your answers and patience :) sorry for my English, not my native language. Please excuse any errors on my part.
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Re: Coil winding machine ( Wizard needed)
« Reply #94 on: August 17, 2018, 04:04:41 AM »
Hi carman! How do you advance affairs with new screen? 
Change "Set max wind speed" the 28th line of a script to "code "G01 X " & Xpos & " A " & Apos & "F" & windspeeds".
What your native language? Good luck.
Re: Coil winding machine ( Wizard needed)
« Reply #95 on: November 06, 2019, 10:25:02 PM »
oh no!

over 120 days since the last post!

forgive me... im sure that happens a lot on this site... you get crucified on other sites for it... oh well... resurrection!

so, ive had a gander through a few pages and didnt see my specific requirements listed, and looking at the screenshot... it doesnt have it.

i am winding induction coils AND output transformers. and a few other things here and there.

both require a pause in between each layer, then maybe a slow turn as i have to wrap insulation on each time.

and, as each layer has a slight overlap... i need the ends of each layer to stagger slightly, otherwise i wind up (oh ha-de-ha!) with a rather awkward bulge. for the induction coil it isnt that big a deal (as long as i make the box AFTER ive done!) but with the OPT it can be a struggle when you have to get that window as full as possible and theres a double layer of insulation right where its not wanted... not nice, damaging $80 worth of copper cus you tried squashing the coil in the vice... (actually, my stuff up was not realising the final core lamination sliced into the bobbin and cut through one strand... ::) at least the second time i wound it it looked damn professional! only lost an inch of wire. very. last. turn. or first, i guess, from a winding perspective...)
yes, ok, just orient the bobbin so the overlap sticks out to the front (or back)... that works for the OPT i guess.

so far ive just been running under a lathe profile, simple winder from the bits and pieces off my old 3d printer, and a nested subroutine using M1 stops each layer. works... sort of ok.

spindle is A axis, stepper motor, so i can keep it synched up without any encoders.. i am noticing though, that it almost stops on each turn. just running incremental, X back and forth at the wire diameter, with A constantly incrementing 360. easy... but not perfect. CV mode. i suppose i can always go absolute and do the maths... 500 turns of 0.125 is 75mm at 180,001 (stagger!) degrees for example...

yet it seemed to not do that the other day... and only does it when i start pushing the feed rate over 130%... (feeding at 10,000 degrees/min... pretty slow)

lets just say its awkward when i snap the wire... which happens fairly often with the current coil, as im re-using the old silk wound and rosin impregnated wire from the induction coil (some old pre-1900's thing... i got carried away replacing its lead out wires...) have to unwind the last layer, reset it all... homing switches? whats a homing switch? i whipped this winder up in about 2 hours... dead basic. it also means i have to keep track of the layers ive completed, because a snapped wire invariably means i have to run the code again. i guess i could just un-nest that subroutine, seeing as i have to hit run on every layer anyway... but still have to keep track.

soooo... i have no idea how to modify this... what is it? VB code?

i dont really want to spend the next few days learning how to do so...

iunno. it just seems like it would be the final addition that would make this screenset super user-friendly! a pause for layers, and a few degrees of stagger on each layer. just a wee little extra option... hint hint!

anyway, only got 28 layers left. this ones easy. just frustrating. im procrastinating... yes, i just snapped the wire again!

i am dreading my next project though... 50,000 turns of 0.1mm... twice. yep. 100,000 turns in total, in 100 layers, on two bobbins... im aiming for about 500KV... gunna make one HELL of a jacobs ladder! (yes, i know how to deal with high voltages, dont worry... otherwise i wouldnt be here still!) local scrapyard has spools ranging from 4 to 20kg... $10 a kg. shame the sizes are mostly useless for just about anything but guitar pickups...

and yeah, i gotta do the other OPT on the stereo... i did set up a manual winder with printed gears and the leadscrew from the mill from when i converted it to CNC. two years ago. ive forgotten exactly what i did... and it was all held together with g-clamps anyway... i needed them!

yeah yeah, long winded post...

right. coffees drunk, ciggies smoked, post is completed... back to winding!
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Re: Coil winding machine ( Wizard needed)
« Reply #96 on: September 30, 2021, 07:41:23 PM »
Hi carman! How do you advance affairs with new screen? 
Change "Set max wind speed" the 28th line of a script to "code "G01 X " & Xpos & " A " & Apos & "F" & windspeeds".
What your native language? Good luck.

Hello Hedgehog!

Thanks for your help, your guidance helped me put the final touches on it. Thanks again.

My native language is Turkish.

CW - CCW operation,

Safely stops at end of winding,

FRO parameters added.

Thats parameters are usefull for me, i hope also will be for everyone.

It's easy to use,

1- Set or reset "spool turns" and "spool width travelled"

2- Fill the parameters from left top to bottom (click with mouse, set parameters and press enter),

3-Click "CREATE G-CODE" button.

4-Check the parameters again, if everything is ok then press " <<<CYCLE START>>> "

Thats all.

Guys, bitmap icons or buttons etc. I'm very sorry about that because I don't want to create directories or move bitmaps (laziness). I created a layout with stock buttons and frames. It's fully functional and I believe the layouts will make sense to you as you use it. If you don't like it, feel free to modify, change, make-up, polishing or re-ordering  ;D thats are the best that i can do !

I hope you like it, thanks again to everyone who helped.

Best regards


ps: sorry for the late reply, last 3-4 years is really hard for me (severe allergic reactions-collapse of the immune system) i'm % 75 healed, but i need more time to recover my functions :)
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