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using nfs turn wizard
« on: November 12, 2019, 07:31:05 AM »
Hello Ron,
Please tell me if my logic is correct.
Say I have a piece of stock in the chuck and Mach3 is calibrated and homed
the rough stock is 90mm in diameter and z0 is to the right of the stock near the end
( awat from the chuck)
what I want to do is to face the stock off to z0x0
and turn the OD down to 80mm
Using NFS turn am I going about this correctly as follows?
step 1 start new file
step 2 "add to file"
step 3 select tool and set feed and speed
step 4 "add to file"
step 5 select "facing off " and enter the operations
step 6 " add to file"
step 7 select "turning " and enter operations
step 8 "add to file"
step 9 select end program
step 10 "add to file"
step 11 "Do It"

After the job is done I will save the file under a suitable name

I am hoping to have gcode file - but when I open the file only
the last operation is coded !!
what am I doing wrong??
please help
best regards
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