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« on: February 17, 2023, 03:10:26 AM »
Hello to all.
Sorry for my bad english.
I am new here and new in mach3 testing / probing before using it. I had installed test version and managed to do setup and have good working test machine. Firstly I like to try "native" PP control without any special hardware (controller).
I went thru manuals (programing manuals, OEM codes...) and some forums.
I did not find any working example of CoupleSlave() function (while using it in macro).
The question is, is anyone used it successfully while writing a macro (in macro programming)?
How to proper declare axes? Is this function related to somme version of mach3?
Anny working examples?

As you all trying to do, I am also tying to do a gantry squaryng.
I managed to do macro that hommes and back offs all three axes (X, Y and Z).
But, it only works on simple 3 axis machine (without slaved axis).
Machine homes, backs off for amount that is defined in macro, enables soft limits and from there machine is ready to go. Limits working, working area away from switches etc :)
When I succesfully manage to implement unslave / slave than it will work for gantry machines also.
I tried with CoupleSlave as described in programmers manual, tried also OEM codes that slaves / unslaves axes (366 /358 - 10603) but nothing worked as supposed to.
Anny idea? Working example?
Sorry for bringing it for millionth time on this forum.
Thanks for reading and help.