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Author Topic: Problem with ESS C25XP, Noice?  (Read 302 times)

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Problem with ESS C25XP, Noice?
« on: January 16, 2023, 11:27:34 AM »

I´m in the process of changing a crap-chineese-controller to a ESS and i'm stuck with this problem.

It´s a ATC-spindle and I have outputs for tool clamping and dust shoe.

Everything is just fine until I hit clamp/unclamp tool. When I hit it the tool unclamps, all is good. But when I hit it again to deactivate the pneumatic valve. I get a flash on the limit switch pins, and the limit switch is triggerd.

Check the video. https://youtube.com/shorts/gOlkb_KtOFg?feature=share

Any suggestions on what this could be and how to fix it?
Re: Problem with ESS C25XP, Noice?
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2023, 06:48:51 PM »
what is the clamping mechanism? If it has a coil then it will have inductance. When you turn the current off to a coil/inductance there will
be a very VERY large voltage spike.....unless you have a 'catch diode'. Do you have one?. If not (and it is a coil you are switching) stop right now and fit
a catch diode or you risk blowing up your breakout board but worse still your ESS.

Do not foll around with switching currents in inductances......the voltage spikes blow s*********t all over the place.

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